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We’ve spent years winning battles at the negotiating table, in the State House, in the media, and in the community. Over more than three decades, we’ve developed an array of indispensable organizational resources, contacts, and services. We achieve ambitious goals because we have learned to manage resources effectively in good times and in turbulent times. We believe that adversity presents an opportunity for organizational growth. We are a partnership of positive people who believe that, with a strong commitment, anything is possible.

On our team are top political strategists, finance and branding experts, researchers, educational issues and professional development experts, negotiators and organizers. Our services focus on organizational development, finance, labor relations, and branding. We offer compelling leadership development, media training, and executive coaching.

Because of our associates’ contacts in the education community and their experience building relationships, we provide access to the education market. We work with businesses that want to work in the education sector and with non-profit and associations that want assistance with management, finance, organizational growth, legislative relations, labor relations or organizational coaching.

Our credo is: We’re not for everyone. We work with a philosophy of holistic organizational growth. We work with just a few clients at a time. This allows us to concentrate intensely and produce results quickly. Clients tell us what they need. We analyze the situation thoroughly and develop creative solutions based on our distinct philosophy.

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