Our Philosophy

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Building an Admired Brand

Belonging to your organization should give members emotional satisfaction and personal recognition. The organization and its technology must perform consistently day after day, and it must heighten members’ perception of themselves as the type of person they want to be.

Adhering to Ethical Integrity

Organizational integrity builds credibility and trust and makes any organization that publicly commits to it stronger and more valued. Its leaders and staff must have unflinching readiness to face reality and the courage to act. At the end of each day, they must feel good about the contributions they have made to the organization.

Discussing Direction Dynamically

Dynamic discussion is not strategic planning, nor is it long meetings to discuss the future. It includes techniques used by successful organizations to grow involvement and adjust direction. These techniques include effective task forces, mission review, direction articulation, board development, and appropriate , effective electronic communication.

Doing Financial Analysis and Forecasting

Knowing where you are financially is key to continued and long term success. Leaders need a fundamental knowledge of how to make decisions about financial issues such as compensation issues, pensions and benefits, effective pricing and dues policies, budgets and audits, and salaries.

Advocating Enthusiastically

Organizations must represent members’ best interests. To do this, they must work to increase organizational transparency and the quality and scope of service. The organization must partner with its members and use their insights and ideas about new programs, designs, and services. It must use today’s technology to support its efforts, and all units of the organization must be genuinely committed to advocacy.